Dressmaker & Tailor Insurance

One size does not always fit all! As a Dressmaker or Tailor, You are exposed to a number of risks associated with your trade. It’s a fact of life that things can go wrong. By not having insurance for Dressmakers & Tailors, you may be liable to pay huge sums of legals fees and compensation, but this doesn’t have to be the case.

Here at Instant Business Insurance Broking, we can provide you with a fully comprehensive dressmaker or tailor insurance policy to cover all your risks, which can be tailored to your specific needs.

Having the right affordable and comprehensive Dressmaker & Tailor Insurance in place for your business is essential. Your staff, guests and establishment need to be adequately insured to allow your business to be protected against all associated risks.

Our dedicated customer service team are here at hand to provide you with telephone or online support. Our specialist dressmaker insurance team can also help with amendments to policies and insurance claims, to suit your wants and needs.

You can tailor your bespoke Insurance policy by choosing from a range of optional extra insurances not included in your core cover. If you have any questions about our Dressmaker insurance then please get in touch with us and get your questions answered.

Running a business isn’t easy, Insuring it is.