Personal Guarantee Insurance

Personal Guarantee Insurance (PGI) is the first insurance policy in the UK & IRE. Created to cover a Personal Guarantee on new and existing business loans, company overdrafts, mortgages, etc. We believe it to be the first insurance policy of its type.

Why do I need Personal Guarantee Insurance cover?

Personal Guarantee Insurance provides stable financial security and protection from the unforeseen. If you’ve ever given Personal Guarantees for loans, then that particular loan guarantee could one day be called upon leading to significant costs to you.

PGI Insurance from Purbeck UK Limited

Instant Business Insurance Broking, a trading style of Inman & Associates Ltd do not offer advice or services in this area of insurance. We are partnered with Purbeck Insurance Services, a trading name of Purbeck UK Limited who exclusively offer Personal Guarantee Insurance (PGI) on behalf of Markel International, an A-Rated Fortune 500 insurance company.

By clicking on the above link you will be transferred to the website of Purbeck Insurance Services. The annual premium is calculated based on the applicant circumstances and requirements, the company circumstances, sector, credit score and type of loan facility in place. Successful applicants will have a choice to pay the premium upfront in full or via a monthly direct debit instalment facility.

For more information regarding Personal Guarantee Insurance, please view theĀ PGI FAQ’s page.

Step 1. Click above to be linked to Purbeck Insurance site

Step 2. Click GET A QUOTE on Purbeck Site, then type Instant Business Insurance as referral firm

Step 3. Enter company and loan info, receive annual premium and monthly cost


What is a Personal Guarantee (PG)?

A personal guarantee is a contract by which someone promises to pay any deficiencies on a specific loan or account which cannot be met by the principal debtor. Most guarantee forms require joint and several liabilities, meaning that each individual who signs a guarantee can be held responsible for the whole amount of the loan.

How will a PGI policy safeguard a business and the home secured by the PG?

PGI is tailored for company Directors/Business Owners who are taking out business finance and are personally exposed by having provided Personal Guarantees. The level of cover is based on a fixed percentage of the Personal Guarantee you wish to insure and this increases for each year the policy is in place:

  • Year one: 60%
  • Year two: 70%
  • Year three and thereafter: 80%

“Myself and a fellow director took out a PGI policy each to cover our personal guarantees on an existing business overdraft we had in place, the policies were very easy to purchase online and we now have peace of mind that a proportion of our guarantees would be covered.”

- Mr J Emmerson; Emmersons Printers

“Taking on debt finance was vital to our growth plans but, with personal guarantees required, it was essential we minimised the risk of doing so. The products and service were exemplary and enabled us to fulfil our needs with ease, and peace of mind.”

- Mr B Evans; Keptlow Properties

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